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Citrus Sun is a project born of Incognito-founder Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick’s love of soulful Jazz Funk instrumentals, his love for the guitar playing of UK guitar legend Jim Mullen and his desire to be part of a band with him. “As a teenager I was just a fan. I avidly followed his career with Pete Brown, Kokomo, Brian Auger and the Morrissey/Mullen Band. I get great pleasure from playing with such an amazing musician”, says Bluey. “If you look at Incognito as being the flagship of my career, consider Citrus Sun as being the indulgent – and for fun only – speedboat that rides alongside her. This band is our getaway, our live-for-the-moment statement.” Most the members of this “getaway” have been friends for decades. The core of Citrus Sun is the Incognito rhythm section – Bluey, keyboard player Matt Cooper, bassist Francis Hylton, guitarist Francisco Sales and drummer Francesco Mendolia, who are joined by guest musicians and singers. The obvious difference from Incognito is that Citrus Sun is largely instrumental; vocalists – are only featured on some tracks. The first album was released in Japan in the late 90’s and globally in 2000.

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