Saxophone & Guitar

Saxophonist Norbert Fimpel hails from Argentina and moved to Mallorca in April 2002. He performed with Air Supply, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) amongst others and was part of “Night Of The Proms” in 2004, playing 50 concerts with James Brown, Joe Cocker, Cindy Lauper, Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and John Miles. One year later, he became a member of the Joe Cocker band, playing over 500 concerts in 4 world tours with Joe. In 2012, he met majorcan singer, acoustic guitarist and percussionist Tolo Servera. The latter owns a recording studio on the Spanish Island, where he writes and produces songs for all kinds of artists. Apart from that, Tolo also makes his own music. His singing and playing remind of Sting. In the winter of 2014/15, Tolo and Norbert (who also plays chromatic harmonica) joined forces to record their first CD. “Ours & Theirs” includes 8 original songs and 7 covers of rock & pop classics. Their main goal was to achieve a fresh and warm sound, using the sax, harmonica, voice and guitar, the latter played in the traditional way and as a percussion instrument. In February 2018, “N & T” presented their second studio work, “2”.

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